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Gluten free cuisine



For many years, we have been certified by the Italian Celiac Association as a hotel that guarantees excellent quality, gluten-free cuisine. 

Gluten-free at the Hotel Bikini

At the Hotel Bikini, guests are in for a wonderful surprise: local Romagna-style specialities such as tagliatelle, lasagne, tortellini and piadina and delightful Italian dishes such as potato gnocchi, pasta, pizza, tiramisu and freshly-baked bread - all rigorously gluten free.  

Gluten-free breakfast at the Hotel Bikini

Cakes, fruit and jam tarts, biscuits, meringues, sweet and savoury pancakes, eggs, cold cuts, cheeses, sausages, fresh fruit, yoghurt, cereals and fresh bread will get your day off to a simply delicious start. 

Gluten-free lunch and dinner at the Hotel Bikini

Every day, there’s a choice of 3 menus, based on meat, fish or vegetables, spaghetti, tagliatelle, lasagne, macaroni and all the great traditional Italian dishes, as well as delicious desserts prepared by our pastry chef. What’s more, we can also prepare lactose-free dishes on request. 



"A hotel with good quality standards. Impeccable service that is at the same time, welcoming and informal. Excellent position. Worth mentioning is the top quality gluten-free cuisine. I’m always looking out for facilities that cater for celiacs and I’ve rarely found an offer of this standard. Extremely professional and great expertise in the sector. I would absolutely recommend it!"  Tizbre - Travelled as part of a couple

"Finally, an excellent place for celiacs who will find not depressing pre-packaged gluten-free products, but excellent homemade desserts (there are numerous different types and above all, they’re fresh), lots of different appetizers and even gluten-free bread… in an area of the restaurant specially set aside in order to avoid any possible contamination. Most of the time, the entire appetizer buffet is gluten-free so celiacs do not feel discriminated against. For example, appetizers and desserts are often the same for everyone - gluten-free, naturally" Dragonfly1975 - Travelled with family

"The gluten-free cuisine deserves a special mention with a separate buffet breakfast where we counted seven different types of homemade cakes, gluten-free bread, yoghurt and much more besides. It’s the best gluten-free buffet I’ve ever found. The staff are knowledgeable about handling celiac meals and the food is varied, excellent and plentiful. Particular praise goes to the desserts, which are rarely of such high quality. Maxipuc. Travelled with family.

Maxipuc - Viaggiato con la famiglia.

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